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Starred Chefs

We’re proud to serve Michelin-starred chefs and cooking visionaries.
Their ambition and creativity inspires us to challenge the status quo.

The Taste of Success

They say you can never really know a person until you put yourself in his shoes. We believe that when it comes to understanding how a Chef thinks, feels and experiences success, “getting in the shoes” is not enough. You need to switch on an oven and start cooking.

The Taste of Success project was born with the aim of inspiring you to follow your dreams.
It enhances unique and inspiring stories of entrepreneurial success achieved by great chefs who have pursued and realized their dreams.


Philip Foss

El Ideas Restaurant
Chicago – Usa


Iside de Cesare

La Parolina Restaurant
Tuscany – Italy


Sandro e Maurizio Serva

La Trota Restaurant
Rivodutri – Italy

Find out their stories

From Michelin-starred winners to farmers who learned everything from the internet, you will find out how 22 Chefs from around the world have built and grown their businesses from scratch. In these enlightening and pratical recipes for success, they will openly talk about the unexpected challenges and painful setbacks they had to overcome to get to the top.


"The greatest chefs, just as the greatest artists, have built their success stories on passion, humility, and hard work. Most of them had a greater dream of becoming the best they could be and leaving their mark on this world."

Massimo Bottura