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The oven of the best chefs in the world is now available for your home.

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A cutting-edge technology for uncompromised performance.

SuperOven is the first professional oven designed for home use. Featuring a simplified digital interface for everyday cooking and designed to fit into the world's finest homes.


Intuitive, interactive, intelligent. A digital interface that redefines home cooking.

Artificial intelligence streamlines the cooking process into two simple steps: first choose the  type of ingredients, then pre-set desired cooking result. SuperOven automatically measures the food load and recommends optimal cooking process.

Enjoy gourmet food every day from the comfort of your home.


Let us guide you in the creation of your dishes and unleash your culinary imagination thanks to our digital platform Cook Like a Chef.

Whether you're hosting a brunch for extended family, a cocktail party for friends or a romantic dinner for two.
SuperOven is by your side.

Connected 24/7 with our chefs, our exclusive digital platform guides you from preparation to the final plating, with tastefully curated recipes by star chefs.

Impress your guests with the endless variety of cuisine and flawless result every time.


Grill, fry, smoke plus everything in between. Oderless cooking thanks to the integrated hood. Self cleaning thanks to the automatic washing system.

Equipped with more than 400 automatic cooking programs curated from the most exceptional restaurants around the globe.  SuperOven caters to an array of diverse needs by offering a wide selection of culinary possibilities, from Haute Cuisine to everyday dishes.

Cooking is as much a science as it is an art. While oven artificial intelligence performs the scientific calculations to optimize cooking, the digital platform Cook Like a Chef helps you to develop the creative and sensorial part.

Model 1 & Model 1S

SuperOven is available in two models, choose the version that's right for you.

Model 1S

The ultimate centerpiece for your home

Model 1S consists of one oven, an integrated hood and a space-saving drawer. Its compact design allows easy integration into the architecture of your new kitchen, becoming a true centerpiece for your home.


750x735x1096 mm LxWxH


from 12.000€

Model 1

Leave no room for compromise

Model 1 boasts two ovens, one powerful integrated hood and a specious storage compartment.
The two ovens allow for multiple cooking processes simultaneously, offering maximum cooking capacity and optimizing time and performance.


750x735x2112 mm LxWxH


from 18.000€

Come and experience SuperOven.

The technology can be described, but SuperOven must be experienced. Book the SuperOven Experience in one of our exclusive showrooms near you, or discover the SuperOven digitally with our chefs now.

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