The Future is Preset: Unlocking Versatility with Smart Ovens

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Restaurants worldwide harbour secrets about the cooking techniques behind their signature dishes, often revolving around a crucial tool: the oven. Today, this sophisticated culinary technology is making its way into homes. Professional-grade ovens designed for home use empower enthusiasts to explore a myriad of cooking methods previously reserved for commercial kitchens, including frying, steam cooking, sous vide, and more. With the advent of these innovative appliances, creativity takes center stage in the kitchen.


Understanding Electric Combi Ovens: The Temperature-Humidity Duo
Grilling: Achieving Perfection in Every Dish
Air Frying: Achieving Crunchy and Light Delights
Steam Cooking: Preserving Nutrition with Precision
Smoking: Infusing Foods with Natural Essence
Sous Vide Cooking: Precision and Flavor Fusion

Understanding Electric Combi Ovens: The Temperature-Humidity Duo

Smart ovens for home use are electric combi ovens that harness the power of steam to cook food. By precisely controlling temperature and humidity levels, they recreate optimal cooking conditions for various culinary techniques:

  • Dry heat settings enable grilling and frying.
  • Mixed heat settings facilitate roasting, braising, and pastry preparation with low humidity levels.
  • Steam cooking settings support sous vide, jar cooking, and other techniques by generating high humidity levels.

These versatile cooking options are complemented by user-friendly interfaces, featuring automatic programmes and intuitive controls. Users can easily navigate through a variety of cooking methods with clear instructions, empowering them to create chef-quality dishes in the comfort of their own kitchens.

Discover the possibilities of automatic cooking methods with a professional oven for home.

Grilling: Achieving Perfection in Every Dish

Grilling food is one of the oldest and most beloved cooking methods, relying on the direct transmission of heat from a hot surface to the food.

In traditional home ovens, grilling is typically achieved using the grill function, which utilises a coil resistance positioned in the upper part of the cooking chamber. Similar to a barbecue, this method radiates high temperatures to cook the food. However, conventional home oven grilling has its limitations: heat is primarily directed towards the upper surface of the food, necessitating the need to manually flip the food halfway through the cooking process. This action often leads to temperature fluctuations when the oven door is opened, potentially compromising the cooking outcome.

The Unox Casa SuperOven professional oven for home revolutionises the grilling experience by overcoming these limitations. Its consistent and even heat distribution throughout the cooking chamber ensures a stable temperature without added humidity. Moreover, equipped with an integrated probe positioned at the core of the food, the oven autonomously communicates to conclude the grilling process once the desired level of doneness is achieved.

In addition to its advanced features, the SuperOven offers specialised equipment like the Fakiro.Grill tray, designed specifically for grilling. Made of non-stick aluminum, this grill tray features both a smooth side and a ribbed side, accelerating cooking times by 30% while maintaining consistent heat throughout. With the SuperOven and the Fakiro.Grill tray, you can achieve superior grilling results that surpass conventional methods.

Perfectly oven-grilled lamb chops
Perfectly oven-grilled lamb chops

Air Frying: Achieving Crunchy and Light Delights

Traditional frying involves immersing food in high-temperature fat, resulting in dishes with high caloric content, often unsuitable for those seeking healthier options. In response to the demand for tasty yet nutritious alternatives, air frying has emerged as a popular trend in recent years. This method eliminates the need for fats, making it a favorable choice for health-conscious individuals.

Typically, air frying is carried out using small electric appliances known as air fryers. These devices, equipped with a small fan, circulate hot air within a removable basket. However, their limited capacity and tendency to release frying odours into the kitchen environment during cooking are notable drawbacks.

In contrast, the professional-grade SuperOven by Unox Casa offers a superior air frying experience. With its spacious interior, it can accommodate larger quantities of food, catering to the needs of households. Moreover, the advanced technology of the SuperOven ensures an odour-free cooking process, maintaining a fresh and clean kitchen environment.

Models 1 and 1S feature an innovative frying programme, leveraging cutting-edge technology to circulate hot air rapidly and evenly throughout the cooking chamber. This ensures that food is fried quickly, resulting in crisp, crunchy, and light textures without the need for excess fats.

Oven air fried vegetable samosa with sour cream, lime and cranberry sauce
Oven-air fried vegetable samosa with sour cream, lime and cranberry sauce

Steam Cooking: Preserving Nutrition with Precision

Exploring various cooking techniques enables us to uncover the optimal method for enhancing ingredients while preserving their nutrients. Steam cooking, originating from Eastern culinary traditions, stands out as one of the most effective ways to prepare food. This method maintains the organoleptic, nutritional, and flavour properties of ingredients while eliminating the need for fats and excessive seasonings, making dishes ideal for a healthy diet.

While several tools facilitate steam cooking in the kitchen, the combi steam oven offers a superior culinary experience. The SuperOven by Unox Casa distinguishes itself with its advanced steam cooking mode, featuring automatic temperature and humidity control tailored to each ingredient. Utilising a rear fan, the oven atomises hot steam throughout the cooking chamber, ensuring even and rapid cooking while preserving the colour, texture, and nutrients of the food.

Ensuring consistent cooking results, the SuperOven also includes the specially crafted Black.Fry tray. This perforated tray features depressions for placing food, facilitating efficient steam circulation and allowing users to explore new flavours and textures.

Discover the full range of trays used by top chefs for culinary excellence.

Smoking: Infusing Foods with Natural Essence

Smoking, an ancient culinary technique, involves exposing food to smoke generated by burning dry wood free of resin residues. There are two variations of smoking: cold smoking, developed originally for food preservation, and hot smoking, a recent evolution that not only cooks but also imparts distinct forest and wood flavours to foods.

While traditional domestic ovens do not typically offer smoking capabilities, the Model 1 and Model 1S ovens provide seamless integration of this method. These ovens feature an advanced preset function for smoking, complemented by a convenient accessory: the HYPER.Smoker. This stainless steel container serves as the integrated smoker for Unox Casa ovens, allowing users to insert their favourite wood chips. Positioned in the dedicated heating element, it releases aromatic scents of the selected wood into the cooking chamber.

The art of smoking has evolved into a sophisticated culinary practice, enriching dishes with aromas and flavours that embody the essence of an ancient gastronomic tradition, now revitalised and continually evolving. With SuperOven ovens, users embark on a sensory journey of taste exploration, discovering new aromas and flavours from around the world.

Hyper.Smoker: the integrated smoker, part of the Unox Casa 'Accessories' collection
Hyper.Smoker: the integrated smoker, part of the Unox Casa 'Accessories' collection

Sous Vide Cooking: Precision and Flavor Fusion

Among the array of cooking techniques available with a professional oven for home, sous vide cooking, also known as low-temperature cooking, stands out for its precision and consistency. This method involves cooking food sealed in a special bag, preserving its nutritional properties, volume, and ensuring uniform cooking. Ideal for a variety of ingredients, including vegetables, meat, fish, and pastry preparations like creams and compotes, sous vide cooking is favoured for its controlled temperature requirements.

While traditional methods involve immersing bags in a water bath and using a kitchen roner for temperature control, this approach lacks precision compared to a combi oven like the SuperOven by Unox Casa.

In the Unox Casa smart oven, users simply place the sealed bag in the cooking chamber. By selecting the vacuum function, the oven automatically adjusts humidity levels and maintains a precise temperature within a margin of just 0.5°C. This meticulous control ensures perfect cooking, enhancing flavours while preserving the nutritional integrity of the ingredients.

Aligned with the health-conscious benefits of steam cooking, the SuperOven's automatic sous vide function offers an excellent option for those seeking flavourful, nutritious dishes without compromise.


In summary, the emergence of smart ovens signifies a revolution in home cooking, offering a plethora of automatic cooking techniques. From grilling to sous vide cooking, these innovative appliances embody culinary advancement, enabling users to effortlessly create delicious and healthy dishes. With smart ovens like SuperOven, the future of cooking is preset, making every meal a seamless and satisfying culinary experience.

Discover SuperOven and elevate your culinary repertoire with these innovative cooking methods.

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