The 3 Advantages of Having a Self-Cleaning Oven in the Kitchen

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Cleaning the oven at home is often considered a tedious task, requiring time, dedication, and specific cleaning products. With the growing demand for convenience, manufacturers have introduced advanced ovens equipped with integrated cleaning functions. Among these, the incorporation of automatic cleaning systems stands out as a recent trend. These systems eliminate the need for direct user intervention, showcasing the benefits of a futuristic kitchen firsthand.


Most Commont Oven's Integrated Cleaning Functions
The Automatic Cleaning Function: The True Self-Cleaning Oven
1) More Time for Culinary Experimentation
2) Enhanced Hygiene, Food Safety, and Extended Durability
3) Kitchen Sustainability: Waste Reduction

Most Commont Oven's Integrated Cleaning Functions

Cleaning the oven is a fundamental task that requires regularity and precision. Maintaining your appliance hygienically clean is essential for ensuring food safety and preventing cross-contamination during food preparation. Additionally, thorough cleaning extends the lifespan of the oven by minimising the buildup of residues that could affect its internal components and performance over time.

A recent trend in the domestic oven sector is the integration of various cleaning functions, which facilitate effective removal of dirt and residues, making maintenance more efficient and convenient. The three most prevalent technologies are:

  • Pyrolysis: A process that transforms food and fat residues into ash using high temperatures (around 400°C). After pyrolysis, the user must manually remove the ash from the cooking chamber.
  • Hydrolysis: A function available in certain steam ovens. During the hydrolytic cleaning cycle, water is heated to high temperatures to produce steam, which dissolves dirt and simplifies subsequent manual cleaning of the cooking chamber.
  • Catalysis: This function is specific to catalytic ovens, which feature catalytic panels that trigger a chemical reaction with fats and oils, breaking them down into simpler compounds and facilitating cleaning. However, these panels require replacement every two years due to wear and tear.

However, all these methods have a common drawback: they necessitate additional manual intervention by the user, making the cleaning process time-consuming.

The Automatic Cleaning Function: The True Self-Cleaning Oven

The latest smart ovens for homes, such as the SuperOven by Unox Casa, feature a genuine automatic oven cleaning system, ensuring maximum hygiene and ease of maintenance.

Ovens equipped with this automatic cleaning function are connected to the household water supply for filling and draining water, with a dedicated drawer for pouring cleaning detergent. Once activated, the system mimics the operation of a dishwasher: a rotating arm with nozzles sprays a solution of hot water and specific detergent inside the cooking chamber. Subsequently, the activation of the oven's rear fan aids in drying the chamber, ensuring impeccable cleaning results.

Discover the three main advantages of a genuine self-cleaning oven.

Rotating arm which nozzles water and detergent inside the oven's cooking chamber

1) More Time for Culinary Experimentation

The primary advantage of owning an oven with an automatic washing function lies in the user's minimal intervention, a significant departure from previously listed integrated cleaning methods.

The elimination of the need for manual intervention during the cleaning phase equates to significant savings in effort and time for the user. This not only offers practical benefits but also enhances the enjoyment and satisfaction of cooking. The reclaimed time can be dedicated to experimenting with new recipes, turning every culinary experience into an opportunity to explore new flavours and techniques.

2) Enhanced Hygiene, Food Safety, and Extended Durability

The automatic oven cleaning function not only offers unparalleled convenience but also ensures thorough hygiene throughout the cooking chamber, leaving no residue behind. This minimises the risk of food contamination, promoting safe and conscious cooking practices.

Moreover, using a specific detergent for cleaning guarantees not only complete sanitation but also safeguards the materials inside the oven cooking chamber, thereby increasing its durability over time and reducing the need for future maintenance interventions.

An example of such a detergent for self-cleaning ovens is Det&Rinse by Unox Casa, formulated from Unox S.p.a.'s finest professional detergents. It is designed to be gentler and less corrosive, patented, ecological, and equipped with a protective film that prevents direct contact with the detergent, ensuring user safety and making it ideal for home use.

Unox Casa's AI-based SuperOven suggests which type of washing programme to activate

3) Kitchen Sustainability: Waste Reduction

Smart home ovens offer users a variety of washing programs tailored to different cleaning needs. The most advanced products, like the SuperOven, integrate artificial intelligence for predictive and sustainable operation. The oven suggests the appropriate washing type based on previous cooking activities, optimising time, water consumption, and energy usage.

The self-cleaning oven empowers users to select the most suitable washing option for each scenario, maximising efficiency while minimising resource consumption. This not only aids in waste reduction but also encourages the adoption of a more sustainable lifestyle in the kitchen.

Explore the automatic washing function of the SuperOven to experience these benefits firsthand.


Having a self-cleaning oven in the kitchen offers significant advantages in daily culinary routines. It reduces the time dedicated to cleaning, prolongs the life of the oven, and minimises the waste of natural resources. Additionally, it represents an embrace of key trends in the future of kitchen technology. Adopting this technology means entering a new culinary dimension characterised by the predictability 

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