Unox Casa Launches in China: Debut in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen

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In 2023, Unox Casa made its triumphant foray into the promising Chinese luxury market, marking two significant milestones: the commercial launch targeting corporate clients in Shanghai, and the unveiling of Model 1 at Guangzhou Design Week—a prominent event in the fashion professionals sector and for end consumers. The current year further solidifies the brand's success in the captivating landscape of the Land of the Dragon: Unox Casa leaves an indelible imprint of innovation on the Chinese culinary scene, showcasing its prowess at the CBD Fair in Shanghai and SZCW in Shenzhen.

Shanghai: Host of the Official Commercial Launch Event

September 2023

Building on its successful entry into the Australian market in June 2023, Unox Casa embarked on the next phase of its international journey with its official debut in China.

In September 2023, an exclusive commercial launch event targeting the Chinese luxury market took place at the strategic headquarters of Unox Casa, located within the premises of distributor Waies Moka in Shanghai, China. The event welcomed key industry figures, including luxury mall owners and CEOs of high-end kitchen retail chains, who enthusiastically embraced the fusion of technological sophistication, iconic Italian design, and haute cuisine epitomised by SuperOven.

During the event, guests had the opportunity to experience the performance of SuperOven firsthand: a dedicated SuperOven Experience Room was set up within the Waies Moka establishment, featuring the two oven configurations—Model 1 and Model 1S—around an elegant chef's table. Here, attendees embarked on an exclusive culinary journey, immersing themselves in the remarkable design, technology, and innovation behind Unox Casa's 100% Made in Italy ovens.

The success of the event was attributed to the collaborative efforts of Waies Moka's esteemed partners, led by CEO David Xie, along with Roy, Ashlee, Corporate Chef Leo, and the dedicated Unox Casa team, who meticulously curated every detail.

Subsequent to the event, the SuperOven Experience space in Shanghai emerged as a strategic hub for hosting esteemed clients, providing them with an opportunity to savour a new standard of culinary excellence, courtesy of the pioneering Unox Casa ovens.

Waies Moka Director David, Unox Casa Director Matteo De Lise and corporate chef Leo
Waies Moka Director David, Unox Casa Director Matteo De Lise and corporate chef Leo
Waies Moka Director David signing the Unox Casa Wall
Waies Moka Director David signing the Unox Casa Wall

Guangzhou: Unox Casa's Debut at Design Week 2023

December 2023

Following its commercial debut in China in September 2023, Unox Casa embarked on its first official launch targeting end customers and industry professionals: from 8th to 11th December 2023, Unox Casa made its inaugural appearance at the prestigious Guangzhou Design Week, Asia's foremost design event, boasting over 650,000 visitors. This event provided a unique platform to showcase Model 1 and demonstrate its unparalleled performance in collaboration with VIICARS. The inclusion of SuperOven Experiences, featuring real culinary demonstrations, allowed key players in the Chinese design industry to acquaint themselves with the superior performance of the product and indulge in an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The success of Guangzhou Design Week was attributed to Unox Casa, bolstered by the support and hospitality provided by VIICARS and Waies Moka, the official distributor of Unox Casa in China.

Discover the unmatched performance of Model 1.

Unox Casa corporate chefs Federico and Leo during the CBD Fair in Shanghai
Corporate chefs Federico and Leo at Yardcom's stand during the CBD Fair in Shanghai
Unox Casa Model 1S at TreGazze's stand during SZCW in Shenzhen
Model 1S at TreGazze's stand during SZCW in Shenzhen
Unox Casa Model 1 at Tucson's stand during the SZCW Fair in Shenzhen
Model 1 at Tucson's stand during the SZCW Fair in Shenzhen

Shanghai and Shenzhen: Consolidating Unox Casa's Success Through Strategic Partnerships

March 2024

Unox Casa continues its expansion in China in 2024: from 13th to 16th March, the brand participated, in collaboration with Yardcom, in the CBD Fair in Shanghai—a renowned event dedicated to the residential construction sector. Corporate chefs Federico and Leo skillfully demonstrated the performance of Model 1, engaging Chinese architects and designers in an unparalleled culinary experience.

Subsequently, from 17th to 20th March, the focus shifted to Shenzhen for the SZCW – Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition & Creative Week, a prominent fair in southern China dedicated to the interior design sector. This event marked the announcement of a strategic partnership with Tucson, a leading company in the production of high-end custom-made wooden kitchens, which graciously hosted the brand at its stand.

Model 1 exceeded the high expectations of the Chinese market, reaffirming how technological innovation and sophisticated design constitute important growth trends in the interior design sector for Chinese homes.

These recent investments further underscore Unox Casa's commitment to bringing the highest technological advancements to the luxury residences sector in China, paving the way for continued success and exclusive recognition.

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